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In the section "Ayrton, the driver" you will find some information about the racing career of Ayrton. I have included the results of all the races he played from 1985 to 1994 dividing them for each World Championship. You can find numbers, curiosities and some crucial moments about his career. Finally, there is a sub-section dedicated to the San Marino Grand Prix of 1994, where Ayrton lost his life.

In the section "Beco, the man"(Ayrton was so called by his family and his friends) you will discover who Ayrton was out from races. I can't explain what you can find here: take a look, and discover with your eyes this special person.

In the section "Remembering Ayrton" there are all the "tributes" that took place since 1994 to commemorate the driver.

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In the section"Ayrton and me" i have included my opinion about Ayrton and my trip to Imola for the event "ImolAyrton".

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Lastly, I would like to report a text written by Giorgio Terruzzi from the tv-show "Record", which I think is very nice:

"Everyone has a personal idea about what is remained of Ayrton Senna: his helmet that goes and goes, a gesture of his arm, of his hand, a mark on the asphalt, the sound of his voice. There still be an intensity, because he was always intense, so much to die like that in front of everyone when we were convinced that, mainly by him, he was fine, clever, and so perfect to seem invulnerable. He was an extroverted man, crossed by feelings and by the talent, which bounced inside him as a kind of magic for coming back among us, until the last, until his end, his public end, for this so hardly unforgettable.

He has been a lucky boy, even if rarely happy, as if his riches forced him to do something, to give back something special continuously, as he had a duty, an atonement, and maybe this is why he showed a furor that no victory, no record, could ever extinguish. He flaunted a not paid account with himself, even if it seemed to be charged to the others, to who wanted to defeat him, to who hindered his goals, a secret thirst.

Lightnings had a queue of shadow visible like the wake of a comet, they contained a formidable uniqueness and offered a compendium of tenderness to the violence of the race, of the noise, of the speed. Even if in an unexpectedly way, Ayrton is survived: he took a breath and gave up his battle and then, suddenly, you could find him there, in a truce that still makes you want to talk with him, to call him, to be next to him, below a pergola, by drinking a cold beer, a lemonade, in order to recover a precious time that now is gone away.

Ayrton Senna is died ten years ago, on May 1, 1994, when he was 34 years old; now we remember him with the melancholy that follows us, with his pride that now is ours. A documentary produced in collaboration with the foundation that bears his name, which has become a decisive reality in this decade for thousands of Brazilian children.

There are words which can explain who he was and how, there are precious and touching testimonials, there is Ayrton, with his intense phrases he said to give a sense to reality, which made us feel close, because we could understand it; it was something good that now still resists, that compresses the time and holds back it, if as we had just said goodbye.

Hey, goodbye, see you soon; surely we’ll meet again, now, tomorrow, in a while..."

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